Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quest for the Perfect Irish Soda Bread

Happy St Patrick's Day! I have my corned beef and cabbage cooking! Now off on my quest for the perfect Irish Soda Bread. A few weeks ago my dear friend asked my family for dinner. She baked the most wonderful Irish Soda Bread.Since all four of my Grandparent's immigrated from Ireland this recipe and picture of Mrs. O'Callaghan intrigued me. It was said my Grandmother made the most wonderful soda bread but never had a written recipe for it. This is the recipe from bon appetit for Mrs. O'Callaghan's soda bread that my friend made.
Alas, mine didn't turn out as well. After reading feedback on the site I thought I'd give this another try with a few adjustments. So here's how it went.
I substituted Odlums extra Coarse Wholemeal flour for the whole wheat flour

Cut the butter into the flour and brown sugar with the food processor.

Baked it on a pizza stone at 375 for 60 minutes

The result was perfect

I had to slice it open, just to be sure.

A crusty rustic soda bread with just the right amount of sweetness. I can't wait to have some toasted with jam for tomorrow's breakfast, if there is any left.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yummy..I bought a postcard with the recipe on it..when we were in Ireland..still haven't made them yet..but need too...oh bread and butter and jam...doesn't get any better then this..:)