Sunday, September 20, 2009

Adirondack Museum

I took a trip to visit the Adirondack Museum while away over the weekend. It was a gorgeous fall day, the air was crisp and the scenery was lovely . I may be prejudice but there is nothing as beautiful as upstate New York in the fall. If you live in this area or ever visit I highly recommend a visit to this museum. It really struck me that it's been less than 100 years that we have used motorized vehicles for daily transportation. How difficult it must of been for people not all that long ago to forge their way into uncivilized land to carve out a place to live and work. The museum has many of the wagons, sleighs and a fabulous private train car on display. I truly enjoy these little glimpses of our past.
A view from the deck

This reminds me of Harry Potter.

A hearst sleigh. The wicker coffin inside was used for 70 years!

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Rachael Kinnison said...

Thanks for sharing your trip Sharon! I am in LOVE with the hirse sleigh...I have seen before in wagon but never a sleigh~ LOVE it. And the train car~ it does look like you could be on your way to Hogwarts in it. Such beautiful pictures~ hope you are having a blessed fall enjoying the colors!
xoxoxoxoxo rachael