Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Betty

Today my dear mother in love would have been celebrating her 80th birthday. Much to my sadness she passed away from complications due to ovarian cancer. She was and still is an inspiration to me in many ways. She accomplished what most today would be impossible to do.
A single mother of two boys back in the 1950's and 6o's she worked everyday in the factory's that were abundent at the time. She did the same work as men at the time and was paid less for it. Her youngest son required many operations in his youth due to multiple exostoses ( ), which she paid for out of her earnings. She was not highly paid, didn't receive child support and did not have the health insurance we all expect now. She wouldn't accept any public assistance, attended church every Sunday and gave what she could to others in need. She would come home after a hard day of work and take her boys fishing, youth group, camping or what ever activity she could. She was a wonderful Grandmother who always had a smile and energy but sadly did not have the time she should have to see them grow. I don't think I ever heard her complain, not once. She was content with the joy of her two sons.
Please visit for more information about ovarian cancer. Also, as featured in Art Doll Quarterly ( ) please see the wonderful raffle by to raise money for ovarian cancer research.
Happy Birthday Mom


Betsy said...

what a wonderful post...sounds like a saint of a woman...God Bless Her...


Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Sharon ~ your blog looks great.
What a wonderful MIL you had. If only more people were like her...